June 11 - 13, 2024 | H4 | Leipzig, Germany


As a participant of KERNTECHNIK 2024, you can expect a comprehensive specialist event over 2.5 days, which will deal with the latest developments and research results in the field of nuclear technology.

With its decades-long tradition, it is a specialist conference with the widest range of topics and brings together operators, manufacturers, suppliers, authorities, experts, research and teaching.

Look forward to presentations by leading experts and exchanges with specialists to be informed about the latest technologies and trends. With its unique range of topics, KERNTECHNIK covers a variety of aspects in addition to the role of nuclear energy in the context of the energy transition and climate protection:

Uranium enrichment
Advanced reactors
Safety aspects of nuclear energy
Service for existing fleets
LTO, modernization and new-build activities
Decommissioning & dismantling
Interim Storage & Final Storage

The Technical sessions in particular cover a wide range of scientific, technical and organizational topics in 4 categories:

Competence &

Knowledge management, education & training, human capacity building & preservation

Modelling & simulation

Thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and neutronics

Simulators, risk analysis, reliability and safety of existing NPPs

Accident phenomenology and research

International Trends & Developments

New build projects & advanced reactor concepts incl. research reactors

Innovative systems & components incl. instrumentation & detectors

Modellentwicklung, -validierung &

Man-machine interfaces

Design of core cooling systems

Fuel supply & management, enrichment and reprocessing

Fusion technology and materials

Decommissioning & Waste Treatment

Decommissioning of NPPs & research reactors incl. licensing & legal aspects

Radiation protection & radiological characterization

Automation, digitalization and industrialization of decommissioning

Treatment of fuel elements and radioactive waste

Interim Storage & Final Storage

Waste management

Nuclear transportation & containers for storage

Status quo reports for existing facilities & new projects

Radiation protection in transportation and storage of radioactive waste

Integrity, characterization and behavior of spent nuclear fuel

Radiation fields and heat load

The Young Scientist’s Workshop offers young scientists the opportunity to present their research and expertise to all representatives at the conference. The best contributions, judged by a panel of experts, will be awarded prizes.

In addition, there will be workshops, a special event on recruiting (KERNTECHNIK meets KERNTec), an industry exhibition and excellent opportunities for networking, professional exchange and personal contacts in the industry.


Special Guest

Vince Ebert is a physicist and cabaret artist. For 20 years, he has thrilled thousands of viewers with his stage shows, and for years he hosted the ARD program "Wissen vor Acht" ("Knowledge before Eight").
His books have sold over a million copies, and he is one of the most sought-after speakers in the country.
Vince Ebert's style is clear and pointed, his statements provocative and unconventional. With intelligent, dry wit, he consistently pursues one mission: Make Science Great Again as well as the passionate appeal to use one's own brain.

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